Manifesting 101

What is manifesting? How do you manifest the love, money and abundance? Ancient rituals for meditation and using law of attraction

We all hear about manifesting but the word ‘manifesting’ itself has become polluted. In order to understand the true concept of manifesting, you must first acknowledge this one and only fact - that we are all walking frequencies. Everything in the universe is vibrating at one speed. Nothing ever stops and neither do you. The key to manifesting is to understand your frequency. The more you know about your higher self, the more you will understand your power and ultimately connect yourself to the universe. If the frequency and vibration means nothing to you right now then it’s recommended to check out Albert Einstein’s and Nicola Tesla’s quotes on the universe before you read any further

Once you accept the immense power of the universe, you will realise that you can have anything you want. Many people understand this extraordinary power, and these people include the ancients that go back to before Pythagoras. From millennia BC right up until today, the power of creation in humans exists and has been proven.

Unfortunately, as is the case with many other ancient practices and teachings such as astrology, manifesting has also become commercialised and something popular to a very limited type of people - the so called “spiritual people”. This social trend is dissociating and obstructing many people who are interested in esoteric teachings and causing them to feel shy or silly to talk and learn more about the Universe’s energy frequency. The image of Manifestation has become one where a person will sit down, imagine whatever he or she wants, and then voila! All will become true. Because of this many people will tend to call it a “goofy believe”, but this is not fair or true. This perception is all down to a profit driven commercial system where people just try to sell anything without necessarily knowing its background. Manifesting is nothing like a wish box with which you can expect magic.

You need to understand how to ask from the universe and how to use the power in you. At Vinayaka London, we really hope more and more people start realising their higher self and start communicating with the universe. That is why we have created our ‘Manifesting Kits’. Manifesting is the tool with which to communicate with the universe. It is a tool to pull your frequency up closer to that of the Universe’s. The fundamental aim is not ‘wishing’ or ‘wanting’ something, but rather to align yourself with the powerful creation energy. Ancient people understood nature’s language and the secret of the Universe far better than us. Thus, we have combined ancient and native rituals dedicated to a particular manifestation focus - etheric cord cutting, attraction of love, and attraction of money.

It is worth noting that these are not witchcraft or spell sets. Our manifesting kits will guide you to your own power and will change your perception of your own life. As mentioned, the key is knowing how to ask from universe. Vinayaka London’s manifesting kits will show you how to prepare, how to practice and most importantly how to think.

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