Pink Quartz

Unearth the captivating allure of Pink Quartz at Vinayaka London. Our exquisite Pink Quartz collection embodies timeless beauty and contemporary elegance. Discover a curated selection of handcrafted necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more, all meticulously designed to enhance your ensemble with the gentle blush of Pink Quartz. Elevate your style with these stunning pieces, each a testament to the natural grace and allure of this enchanting gemstone. Explore our Pink Quartz jewelry today for a touch of refined femininity and understated luxury.

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Rose Quartz Raw Cut Pendant


Raw Pink Quartz Crystal Pendant- 24K Gold Plated

£32.90   £30.00

Tumbled Pink Quartz Necklace - 24K Gold Plated

£29.90   £25.90

7 Chakra Stone Set with Heart Selenite Bowl and Free Chakra Pendulum


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