About Us

 Not just a jewellery brand..

Vinayaka London is inspired by the Universe and sacred ancient history. Starting in Greenwich, London with a name inspired by Hindu philosophy and Vedas, we wholeheartedly believe in the healing power of the universe and we design all our products for a purpose. We will bring nature's energy to your collection or in your home at the most affordable price.

Each crystal is hand selected and designed to be a reflection of your style whilst also carrying the crystal's benefits. At Vinayaka London you will be able to find an amazing piece for any special occasion, night out, a fresh summer dress, and even a style suitable for any formal business meeting. 


About Biriz & Porto



London-based founder Biriz has been studying ancient history, Vedic astrology, numerology and esotericism for more than 8 years. Also working as a Credit Risk Analyst, Biriz has decided to follow her passion for crystal design and healing. She has a display area for Vinayaka London's jewellery collection in one of the best wellness and yoga centres in London, The Lodge.Space, Award winning beauty salon Pure Synergy Beauty in Greenwich and in Breeze Beauty in Bournemouth. She also has a stall in Portobello Green Market, Kensington every Saturday where she is personally taking care of her customers with her boy, the "Head of Inspiration", Porto. She describes her brand's concept as a bit unique, a bit spiritual yet stylish and inspired by Mother nature.  


 Biriz & Porto, Co Founders


Our Raw Crystal collection is ethically sourced from all over the world and specially picked for your home. We are also dedicated to being part of your self-healing journey and introducing your higher self-you to you. Hence, we have created guided ritual kits based on ancient teachings.